Thematic Investment Strategies (demo only)

The smart way to start investing in crypto and blockchain technologies

Take the hard work out of crypto investing with Clanz Thematic Investment Strategies. Each theme is carefully researched to ensure a diversified portfolio of assets that are automatically rebalanced each week.
Access now via the web. Coming soon to Clanz iOS and Android apps.
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Why Thematics?

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Well researched

Our team does the hard work developing strategies for each ‘theme’, so you can unlock the potential for capital growth in crypto without being an expert.
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Super simple

Invest in a managed portfolio of cryptos that’s automatically rebalanced every week. Come back anytime to top up or check on its progress.
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Cost effective

Invest in a Thematic for as little at A$300, with no ongoing management or performance fees, just a small trading fee when the portfolio is rebalanced.

Our strategies


The Metaverse Investment Strategy gives you exposure to companies leading the next generation in the buzzword on everyone’s lips — the Metaverse.


The Green Investment Strategy lets you invest in a suite of coins that focus on sustainability in blockchain technologies.


The Crypto Spring Investment Strategy is a portfolio of coins designed to take full advantage of the aggressive gains expected when the market emerges from the current ‘Crypto Winter’.

Thematic Investment is in Beta Test mode and its available for demo only.

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Sign up

Tell us who you are and deposit as little as A$300 into your account.
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You’ll find factsheets, research and explanations for each Thematic.
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The portfolio of cryptos included in the Thematic is transferred to your wallet.
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We’ll rebalance your portfolios weekly, come back anytime to top up or check on the progress.

Frequently asked questions

How can I access Thematics?

Currently, the Thematic portfolio dashboard is only available via the web. The feature will be coming to Clanz iOS and Android apps soon.

How much can I invest?

Invest in a Thematic from as little at A$300 or as much as A$100,000. A 10 USDT trade minimum is set for most assets, this is designed to mitigate unsuccessful trades when buying or rebalancing. While this does not completely eliminate the possibility of failed trades, it does make the system more able to execute the investment effectively.

Are there fees?

Thematic Investment Strategies do not have ongoing weekly, monthly or yearly management or performance fees. Weekly portfolio rebalancing incurs trading fee of 0.5%, for example, if you invest $1000 and 10% ($100) of your portfolio requires rebalancing, a fee of 0.5% ($0.5) will be charged on the rebalanced amount.

Can I stop investing in a Thematic?

You can stop investing in a Thematic Strategy at any time by clicking the ‘unfollow’ button in the Thematic portfolio dashboard.

Can I stop investing in a Thematic?

You can top up your investment at any time from the Thematic portfolio dashboard. A minimum top up amount is required to ensure adequate investment across the portfolio.

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