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Clanz is a technology company with focus to develop and deliver best PaaS solution for Digital Currency Trading, Crypto Based Investment Management, Social Trading, Thematic Trading, Digital Wallet, Stable Coin & CBDC solutions.
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End to End Solution for Blockchain & Crypto Offerings

Clanz Trading Platform offers state of the art crypto & blockchain trading platform
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Thematic Investment Strategies (Demo Only)

Thematic Investment Platform is great tool for crypto asset managers to automate crypto investments for their clients
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Earn (Demo Only)

This platform covers passive income generation from digital assets by the way of staking with Locked Staking and Flexible Terms.
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Follow-Trading (Demo Only)

Clanz Follow Trading module has been built to power copy trading
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Self-Managed Super Funds (Demo Only)

Our SMSF trading platform enables investment in digital assets through SMSF, including Thematic strategies and earning interest with our staking products.

Start your cryptocurrency business today

Our feature rich portfolio management tool makes it easy to manage your investments.
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Portfolio Management

Buy, sell, earn, invest and manage your portfolio in one place.
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Investment strategies

Choose from Thematics, Follow-Trading or Earn to suit your investment style.
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Digital assets are protected with industry-leading security.
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Web and mobile app

Trade on the go with the Clanz app for Android and iOS.

The most trusted digital assets investment platform

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