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Clanz SMSF component allows onboarding and servicing Self Managed Super Funds, Exchange operators with appropriate regulatory permissions can use Clanz SMSF to targt Self Managed Super Funds

Clanz SMSF Platform Features

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Clanz SMSF is designed from the ground up with industry-leading security technology and practices to keep your assets safe.
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High Level of Integration and Automation is been considered in Clanz SMSF Design
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Clanz SMSF has been built with high level compliance in mind

Our investment products

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Thematic Investment Strategies

Clanz thematic is an automated investment management system that allows investment managers to launch investment themes for their clients
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Clanz Earn is platform that allows investment managers to launch earn product for their customers.
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Clanz Follow Trading Platform is a copy trading platform that can be launched to enable copy trading in crypto space.

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Frequently asked questions

Can self-managed super funds invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies?

Yes, according to the Australian Taxation office:

While SMSFs are not prohibited from investing in cryptocurrencies, the investment must:

  • be allowed for under the funds trust deed
  • be in accordance with the fund's investment strategy
  • comply with the same regulatory requirements as apply to other investments — as set out in the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act (SISA) and Superannuation Industry (Supervision Regulations (SISR).

We strongly encourage SMSFs to seek independent professional advice before investing in crypto assets.

Read more on SMSF investing in crypto assets (

Do I need to create a separate account for my SMSF?

Yes. The law requires that SMSF cryptocurrency investments must be held and managed separately from the personal or business investments of trustees and members. This includes ensuring the SMSF has clear ownership of the cryptocurrency. This means the fund must maintain and provide evidence of a separate cryptocurrency wallet for the SMSF from that used personally by trustees and members.

What are the regulatory considerations when investing with an SMSF?

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are CGT assets, and SMSFs may acquire, dispose of or invest in them as they would in any other asset. When an SMSF engages in these transactions, it must comply with the same regulatory requirements that apply to investments in other assets. It is important to understand that the investment decisions for your SMSF always remain with you as the SMSF trustee, giving you total control of your SMSF. You are under no obligation to invest in cryptocurrency if you elect not to do so, and the nature of cryptocurrency trading makes it high risk.

What are the tax concession benefits I need to consider?

The main benefit of a complying fund SMSF is the low concessional tax rate of 15%. Long-term capital gains enjoy an effective tax rate of 10%.

Who can help me set up my SMSF for cryptocurrency investment?

Set-up is simple, but it is recommended to speak with your accountant or contact us and we can provide our recommended SMSF partners.

What is the sole purpose test?

A requirement for SMSF is the sole purpose test. Cryptocurrency SMSF funds can only be maintained for the sole purpose of providing fund members with retirement or death benefits.

Read more about the sole purpose test (

What digital assets can I invest in with my SMSF?

You can invest in many digital assets, not cryptos exclusively. These include NFTs and common assets, such as gold and stocks.

What information do I need to provide?

To apply for a Clanz Entity account and manage your SMSF, you will need:

  • SMSF name and ABN
  • Entity member details
  • A copy of the SMSF trust deed
  • If you have a corporate trustee, a copy of the current company extract (less than 3 months old) is required. This can be downloaded from the ASIC website.

How do I access my SMSF account?

  1. Log in to your Clanz account via the web
  2. Select Switch Account at the top right hand corner of the screen
  3. Select your SMSF account from the pop-up menu

Can I deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies?

SMSF account holders can only deposit and withdraw funds in AUD from their registered SMSF bank account. Deposit and withdrawal in cryptocurrencies is not allowed for SMSF accounts. All cryptocurrencies must first be converted to AUD to allow withdrawals.

Associated risks with investing in cryptocurrency

Sole responsibility

As a trustee of the SMSF, there are more weighted responsibilities on compliance, investment and risk.


Low or negative returns are a risk factor, but conversely high, positive returns can be seen. Any losses are carried forward until you make the losses back.


Running a SMSF involves ongoing accounting, levies, and annual fees with ASIC and the ATO.

Theft or fraud

Should there be a loss of money through theft or fraud, you won’t have access to any special compensation schemes or through the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.

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