Keeping Fees Fair

Clanz is based on the idea of helping more people access crypto and send and receive money, freely and easily.

Free deposits and Clanz to Clanz transfers

Clanz does not charge fees for internal transfers to other Clanz users, nor fees on deposits in traditional (Fiat) and cryptocurrencies.

Low trading fees

Our launch offer includes fixed trading fees as low as 0.5% until we welcome tiered trading levels, so the more you trade; the lower your fees. If you trade large volumes, please contact us before you trade.

No gain, no pain

With Clanz Follow-Trading (coming soon), if you don’t profit, you don't pay fees. Profits incur a 5 – 25% commission, which is returned to the leaders you follow-trade.

Early registration offer

Deposits (fiat or crypto)
$0 fee
Clanz to Clanz user send or withdraw
$0 fee
Non-Clanz send or withdraw
0.1% fee + network fee
Trading fee
Digital card
Free to order till 2023
Thematic and Follow-Trading
Free to copy, trading fees apply

Explore the platform

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© Clanz 2021, All Rights Reserved. PayFar Pty Ltd, ABN 31 638 408 349, trading as Clanz is a digital currency exchange provider (DCE) registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). Before engaging in crypto trading and/or using Clanz Follow-Trading features, you should consider your personal objectives, financial situation, and capacity to sustain significant loss. Clanz does not provide any investment advice. Clanz does not warrant the performance, ongoing participation, or profile disclosures of the traders participating as Leaders (traders you can copy). Clanz Follow-Trading is dependent on your decisions to copy certain traders and your consideration of and acceptance of the risk of incurring loss.