Customisable  Fees

Clanz platform allows setting custom fees on custom actions.

Free deposits and Clanz to Clanz transfers

Clanz does not charge fees for internal transfers to other Clanz users, nor fees on deposits in traditional (Fiat) and cryptocurrencies.

Deposit Fees

Our launch offer includes fixed trading fees as low as 0.5% until we welcome tiered trading levels, so the more you trade; the lower your fees. If you trade large volumes, please contact us before you trade.

Trading Fees

With Clanz Follow-Trading (coming soon), if you don’t profit, you don't pay fees. Profits incur a 5 – 25% commission, which is returned to the leaders you follow-trade.

Early registration offer

Deposits (fiat or crypto)
Clanz to Clanz user send or withdraw
Non-Clanz send or withdraw
set fee + network fee
Trading fee
Set your own fee
Digital card
Thematic and Follow-Trading
Free to copy, trading fees apply

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