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If you find it hard to follow what crypto is all about, Clanz Follow-Trading could be your way in.
A design concept of the follow trading dashboard on the Clanz platform
Design pictured above is indicative only

The concept is simple

You choose a Leader, an experienced crypto trader who has a history of generating good financial returns. Then you simply follow their trades.

It means you can learn from some of the best when you can’t spend countless hours watching the markets or going down the rabbit hole of crypto.

You can opt in or out at any time. If you make a profit from following their trade, based on when you bought and sold, you pay them a small commission. If you don’t benefit, you pay nothing.

Get followed. Become a leader.

If you’re already a successful crypto trader, you could unlock even more value in your portfolio by becoming a Clanz Leader and letting other Clanz members follow your strategy and trades.

Then, whenever anyone following you makes a profit on your trades (based on the buying and selling price), you earn a commission.

Earn commision

As a leader you can continue trading on your existing platform and we’ll simply make the Clanz API available to you. Although we do encourage you to give Clanz a test run. Plus your commission is higher if you trade on Clanz.

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© Clanz 2021, All Rights Reserved. PayFar Pty Ltd, ABN 31 638 408 349, trading as Clanz is a digital currency exchange provider (DCE) registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). Before engaging in crypto trading and/or using Clanz Follow-Trading features, you should consider your personal objectives, financial situation, and capacity to sustain significant loss. Clanz does not provide any investment advice. Clanz does not warrant the performance, ongoing participation, or profile disclosures of the traders participating as Leaders (traders you can copy). Clanz Follow-Trading is dependent on your decisions to copy certain traders and your consideration of and acceptance of the risk of incurring loss.