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Are you a bank, neo-bank, fund manager, trading broker or platform, a money remitter or another financial institution looking to offer your customers a safe digital asset solution?

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Institutions & Fund Managers

Clanz offers scalable, secure and cost effective access to over 300+ digital assets, investment strategies via our trading platform, a modularised white label solution, PaaS or integration via our APIs.

Our expertise has been gained from the development of investment strategies and the deployment of technology systems within global financial institutions. Clanz custody solution was designed to meet the highest standards expected by institutional risk committees.

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High Net-Worth Individuals, Family Offices & Trusts

Our deep expertise in security, storage and administrative hurdles for safe management of digital assets provides our clients with an institutional-grade custody solution.

Our policy engine delivers a powerful risk control framework for defining authorisation and access policies that protect customers against internal collusion and risk. The policy engine enables customers to set their own governance standards and account access requirements, giving them multi-layer approvals to prevent insiders withdrawing assets.

All our data centres meet the highest institutional grade security standards to protect the storage of digital assets. The service includes a personalised Clanz representative to manage all the customer needs.

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Government and Law Enforcement Agencies

Our custody solution meets the highest grade government security standards for the storage and management of seized assets and forfeitures.

Our policy engine enables government and law enforcement agencies to set their own governance standards and account access requirements, giving them multi-layer approvals to prevent assets from being withdrawn by unauthorised insiders.
Higher standards
Clanz is committed to lifting the security standards across the digital asset industry through regulation and governance standards.

Self-Managed Super Funds

Clanz provides smart solutions for incorporating cryptocurrency into a Self-managed Super Fund (SMSF).

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Investment benefits

Tax concession benefits
The main benefit of a complying fund SMSF is the low concessional tax rate of 15%. Long-term capital gains enjoy an effective tax rate of 10%.
Set-up is simple
Set-up is simple, but it is recommended to speak with your accountant or contact Clanz for some of our recommended SMSF partners.
Long term retirement
A requirement for SMSF is the sole purpose test. Cryptocurrency SMSF funds can only be maintained for the sole purpose of providing fund members with retirement or death benefits.
Not just crypto
You can invest in many digital assets, not cryptos exclusively. These include NFTs, but also more common assets, such as gold and stocks.

Risks associated

There are always risks associated when it comes to investing and buying cryptocurrency.
Sole responsibility
As a trustee of the SMSF, there are far more weighted responsibilities on compliance, investment and risk.
Low or negative returns are a risk factor, but conversely high, positive returns can be seen. Any losses are carried forward until you make the losses back.
Running a SMSF involves ongoing accounting, levies, and annual fees with ASIC and the ATO.
Theft or fraud
Should there be a loss of money through theft or fraud, you won’t have access to any special compensation schemes or through the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.
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Enterprise Custody and Insurance Solutions

Store and manage your digital assets using the most secure, compliant, and user friendly custody solution on the market.

Our partners are regularly audited by a governing body and required to meet rigorous standards for capitalisation, anti-money laundering procedures, confidentiality, auditing, reporting and storage.

Hot and Cold wallet.
Customers can also purchase additional insurance for their segregated crypto assets.
Crypto supported
The Clanz platform currently supports over 300+ Digital Assets that can be securely stored.

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