Clanz announces a range of thematic crypto investments

Clanz announces a range of thematic crypto investments

Australian web3 exchange, Clanz, has recently launched a series of ETF-style Thematics designed to take the complexity out of investing in blockchain and the metaverse. 

The Clanz research team has developed strategies for each ‘theme’ so investors can unlock the potential for capital growth in crypto without being an expert.

Like an active ETF, the Thematics are curated to ensure the most appropriate companies are contained in each portfolio. The assets are reviewed weekly to ensure the portfolio stays relevant and efficient.

“We think like fund managers, rather than simply following crypto trends. Like a fund manager, we will keep refining these portfolios to best reflect the development with the metaverse that suits investors now and into the future. Like a balanced equity portfolio, Clanz wants an SMSF or institution investing in our Thematics to see them as enduring portfolios that are true to label. If someone or a firm invests in the metaverse fund then in 10 years’ time it will reflect the best value available in that sector … just like an equities portfolio,” said Stuart Burnicle, COO, Clanz.

The cryptos are weighted according to a combination of liquidity and market capitalisation, and to ensure that each portfolio retains diversification. The three Thematics available are:

Metaverse Investment Strategy

This Thematic gives investors exposure to next-generation companies leading the way in building and managing the metaverse infrastructure. The portfolio includes 11 cryptocurrencies and tokens, including Decentraland (MANA), Sandbox (SAND) and Stacks (STX), selected for their significant exposure to metaverse platforms. The metaverse is envisaged as a fully interactive and immersive ecosystem, which integrates advanced tech platforms such as virtual and augmented reality with blockchain-enabled infrastructure including NFTs, gaming, digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Green Investment Strategy

This Thematic invests in a suite of coins focused on sustainable crypto and blockchain technologies. Sustainability is increasingly becoming key to the future of the blockchain industry, driven in large part by investor demand for lower environmental impact and improved resource efficiencies. This forward-looking portfolio, designed to address a longer-term shift towards green and ESG investment strategies, includes Cardano (ADA), Tron (TRX) and EOS Network (EOS), among others.

Crypto Spring Thematic 

This Thematic is designed to take advantage of the aggressive gains expected to occur when the market emerges from the ‘Crypto Winter.’ It’s a collection of 11 high-quality digital assets chosen for their use case, applications and impact on industries. The portfolio represents faster growing, innovative blockchain initiatives, comprising hundreds of projects across multiple areas, including smart contracts, DeFi, cross-chain and Web3. Cryptocurrencies and tokens include Cardano (ADA), Solana (SOL) and Polkadot (DOT). 

Learn more about Thematics. 

Cost effective investing in web3 platforms

Thematic investing strategies are a low-cost offering for investors looking for portfolio diversification without having to directly buy or manage individual coins. Its curated approach takes the complexity out of digital asset investment and is currently available for individuals and self-managed super funds.

Investing in a Thematic begins at A$300, with no ongoing management or performance fees, only a small trading fee when the portfolio is rebalanced. 

The Thematic portfolio dashboard allows users to stop investing in a strategy at any time with just one click and investments can be topped up at any time. A minimum top-up amount is required to ensure adequate investment across the portfolio.

Trust or corporate account investing will be available shortly.

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