Clanzenomics: Growth stocks outperform value stocks, and tech and consumer discretionary continue their run

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This week there have been huge moves across crypto, equities, and especially growth. Interestingly, growth stocks have outperformed value stocks, and tech and consumer discretionary continue their run.

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Hi everybody, this is Mike Kollo from Clanz, coming at you on the 5th of August, 2022. And this is our weekly wrap that we will look back on the week. We have a think about what's happening in Markets. We maybe ask some hard questions.

So this week has certainly been, over the last five days, has certainly been more of what we saw the week before. And what we saw before was a huge moves, across crypto, across equities, especially with growth. We didn't see more of the same this week. We've seen growth stocks, outperform value stocks. We've seen tech and consumer discretionary continue their run, although not to the same extent as you saw before. Certainly not as much as last week.

And so this kind of pro cyclical risk on appetite has really taken over the entire market. What you have seen is a sweeping across equity markets taking tech, consumer discretionary with it. The. Sectors that are being left behind, things like energy, were actually a terrible week, if I look at the indices in front of me here, actually the last day it's been down by 5%. But even over the last month is pretty flat of 6%. So energy's had a tough time and again, materials haven't faired that we ll either. But in the meantime, you've seen tech, as I said, consumer discretionary roll on, you've seen oil come off a little bit, you've seen gold pretty flat as well.

What's interesting to note here is a couple of interesting highlights. So while this risk on takes cryptos with them. I think going forward, the way that cryptos might behave, certainly with regards to these big moves will be a little bit more discretionary and will be quite different. And certainly our models are telling us that these cryptos are going to behave somewhat differently. So, when it comes to things like Bitcoin, Ethereum, two big, most liquid, type cryptos, they are quite linked to market movements. And, we saw big pop in Ethereum last week., which was a unique to Ethereum because of the merge that's expected to happen in September. But now we've got a lot of volatility, because now we've seen prices move up and again, we've seen a bit of a sell off on Thursday. And I think we will continue to see that kind of volatility as these prices try to settle themselves without clear market direction of where technology is going to go in the US and after earning season, there's usually less earnings led information in markets. We expect that there to be quite a bit of volatility, but not necessarily a trend.

There are a couple of cryptos that we're keeping an eye on, for potentially possible good trends and our models tell us that things like HEX or Polygon, should expect to see a nice positive run over the next week. Again, this is just based upon historical performance Polygon has had a phenomenal run, it's up about 60% over the last month alone. But we think that there's a little bit more to go there potentially, purely for technical reasons, nothing more fundamental than that.

Ethereum classic is one of those funny things where that's the previous version of Ethereum, so the one that was forked off, had a fantastic month, up 125%. It's a crazy amount, but off 11% again on Thursday, we just see this as being a really volatile one now. A lot of the run-up on the price is really predicated on what will happen with Ethereum and the fork and all the kind of technical details behind that, and that's really hard to call. So the price is going to be moving around quite a lot and if you don't have such an appetite for risk is probably one to avoid as well.

One of the quiet ones that we like, and we, I always keep an eye on, is MANA. So that's the currency of Decentraland, a great metaverse platform that's looking to be the next big metaverse platform. And that's an interesting one because over the last month it's actually been quiet, it's up 6%, so nowhere near as much as the other ones. Up 2% again on Thursday, and it feels again, very closely linked to the tech sector, a very close link to markets. So again, without strong market direction, without earning news, it might continue to float past. And we'll get a sense of it I think much closer. But it might be one of those steady as she goes cryptos again, because it has a link to an underlying business model, underlying metaverse model, it could be a little bit more interesting to keep an eye on.

We talked a bit about Thor recently, and Maker, and all these kinds of ones. I think Thor continues to be interesting, I mean it's up 15% of the month up about 1% as well. It's one of those quieter movers relative to the big attention seeking cryptos right now, which are Ethereum and Ethereum related cryptos, so ironically, these smaller, quieter, second rate cryptos might actually have a nice quiet run even while the rest of the market kind of gets on with it.

So for next week. I would say the next month, probably again, keeping an eye on the earnings, keeping an eye on the movements of the NASDAQ. There are a lot more on the sentiment, there's a lot of sentiment around the recession, potential recession, the US and the technical recession that we're in at the moment, and their impact on Clanz. So plenty to keep an eye on, be mindful, be careful, do your research. And we'll see you next week, visit for more content. Thank you.

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